When speaking about human resources, the Agency will monitor the special needs and competitiveness by increasing labour productivity in the area of Srem. The process will be developed through necessary analysis for training needs, improving human resources management in enterprises, the professional improvement of working careers etc. The main activities in this sector will represent  project activities that will provide competitive economic activity in the region, and that will include:

  • Analysis of information and defining the basic factors that determine the regional economy and identification of the sources of problems in the further development of the SME sector;
  • Further development of the entrepreneurial infrastructure in the region Srem;
  • Encouraging innovation, technology transfers, supporting of the researching programs and implementation of appropriate activities towards SMEs;
  • Connecting entrepreneurs and their joint market appearance;
  • Development of financial instruments to support SMEs;
  • Inclusion in the national and international programs in the function of entrepreneurial development;
  • Incentives for export oriented sectors.