Strengthening capacities of RDA Srem for detailed energy audits of public buildings and the concept of bioenergy villages

MORG_07.2018Members of Intermunicipal working group (IMWG) for EE/RES had an opportunity to participate at practical training for the usage of blower door test which measures inner airtightness of buildings and objects. The device “Blower door”, has been demonstrated in its practical usage by tracking results of measurements happening in real time at the existing object. The device owns its own software which gives building airtightness results based on which heat losses, interruptions in airtightness, room transparency and the intensity of air direction as well as necessary measures at carpentry replacement, building in valves etc. can be precisely calculated. Measurement was conducted on an object in the scope of energy efficient property governed by NGO “Centrala”whose representative and owner is BsC in electrical engineering Vladimir Janković. This device, together with RDA Srem, will be used by members of IMWG for EE/RES during conducting of energy audits in public buildings in Srem and the development of Energy efficiency studies.
“We consider that by applying “Blower door” device, we will achieve the highest level of preciseness during energy audits and the development of Energy efficiency studies of municipal public buildings the result of which will be the fulfillment of conditions from the Rulebook on energy efficiency. In this maneer, owners of the buildings, municipalities and investors as well as potential donors of energy rehabilitation will be enabled to invest money in the measures which are justified and cost-efficient, at the same time improving the comfort of its users”, stated Bora Obradović, Project manager for infrastructure and energy in RDA Srem.
Training for the members of IMWG was held by experts from the organization “Mreža dobre energije”, Željko Zečević and Nikola Vujović . Device“Blower door” was obtained in the course of the project “Establishment of the regional support system to the energy efficiency development and renewable energy sources usage in Srem region” which is financed by the Swiss Agendy for Cooperation and Development (SDC) in the scope of the Programme rural and regional support to Serbia.
In the second part of IMWG meeting, presentation of the project “BioVill” was held. This project is about establishing bioenergy communities in rural areas. An example of such energy community is a village Kostovići in the municipality of Bajina Bašta. In the scope of the presentation, elements of technical-economical analysis and business concept of the project in Kostovići was presented. The project is financed by EU, by a Consortia of International partners representing the Republic of Serbia and guided by Steady Conference of Towns and Municipalities with experts. The project BioVill was presented by Moidrag Gluscevic (SKGO), professor Dejan Ivezic and Slobodan Jerotic, project manager.

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