Spatial plan as a pre-condition for the preparation of infrastructure projects

ppppn_sm2018A public presentation of spatial plans which are of great importance for the regional development of Srem has been given in the City Hall of Sremska Mitrovica. These spatial plans refer to infrastructure systems of irrigation, water supply and waste water treatment. The organizer of the presentation was Regional Development Agency “Srem”.

In December 2017, the Assembly of the Province of Vojvodina adopted two spatial plans for the territory of Srem, i.e. Spatial Plan for region of special purpose of regional system of irrigation of Srem and Spatial Plan for region of special purpose of regional system of water supply “Eastern Srem”.

The presentation in Sremska Mitrovica gave important information about principles, concept and goals of spatial development for the given infrastructure systems, as well as rules of construction with the program of implementation which incorporates other priority projects, institutional framework and the planned further elaboration of these plans.
Procuring entity of spatial plans development was the Provincial Government with project leader – Provincial Secretariat for Urbanism and Environmental Protection, and project developer – PE “Urban Institute of Vojvodina”, Novi Sad. The initiator of development was Regional Development Agency Srem with the development of General projects and previous justifiability studies for the given infrastructure systems. Furthermore, on the public presentation was given the concept of the future development of Spatial plan of region of special purpose of River Sava drainage basin protection by the construction of communal infrastructure of waste water treatment in Srem. The proposal for the development of this Spatial plan was adopted by the Assembly of AP Vojvodina in March 2018.

The public presentation was given within the project “Strengthening Capacities in Preparing and Conducting Regional Infrastructure Projects of Municipalities of Srem County”, which is financed by the Provincial Secretariat for Regional Development, Interregional Cooperation and Local Self-government and conducted by RDA Srem.

In addition to presenters and lecturers from the Urban Institute of Vojvodina and Water management Institute “Jaroslav Cerni”, the public presentation was attended by representatives of provincial secretariats, representatives of all municipalities in Srem, of public enterprises of interest etc.

Based on these spatial documents, RDA Srem has already begun further development initiatives of the above-mentioned infrastructure through individual projects and proposals to its municipalities – founders.

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