Developed multipurpose protection mask with changeable filter


As the program manager of the Innovation Start up Centre Stara Pazova, and in cooperation with  „NBreakers“ team as the beneficiary of this Centre, Regional Development Agency of Srem has managed to develop a prototype and start a serial production of universal protection mask with a changeable filter whose main purpose is physical protection of persons and respiratory organs from droplets infection and at the same time immediate protection of surrounding of the person using this mask from the transfer of bacteria or virogen infections.
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Suppliers’ day 2018 – automotive

dan_dobavljaca_2018_enWe have the pleasure to invite you to the upcoming Suppliers’ day 2018 in Novi Sad, which will be hosted by Vojvodina Development Agency – RAV.
Our event will gather domestic companies, foreign companies operating in Vojvodina and Serbia and foreign companies involved in the automotive supply industry, rubber and plastic industry and metal processing. The main goal of our Suppliers’ day – Automotive 2018 is to connect domestic and foreign companies, to encourage the growth of domestic companies’ export potential and to provide support for entering the supply chain of foreign companies operating in Vojvodina and companies operating abroad.
We expect 200+ participants from 100 companies from Serbia, Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Rep., Italy, Germany, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia.

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Strengthening capacities of RDA Srem for detailed energy audits of public buildings and the concept of bioenergy villages

MORG_07.2018Members of Intermunicipal working group (IMWG) for EE/RES had an opportunity to participate at practical training for the usage of blower door test which measures inner airtightness of buildings and objects. The device “Blower door”, has been demonstrated in its practical usage by tracking results of measurements happening in real time at the existing object. The device owns its own software which gives building airtightness results based on which heat losses, interruptions in airtightness, room transparency and the intensity of air direction as well as necessary measures at carpentry replacement, building in valves etc. can be precisely calculated. Measurement was conducted on an object in the scope of energy efficient property governed by NGO “Centrala”whose representative and owner is BsC in electrical engineering Vladimir Janković. This device, together with RDA Srem, will be used by members of IMWG for EE/RES during conducting of energy audits in public buildings in Srem and the development of Energy efficiency studies. [Read more...]

Grebenski road from Iriski Venac to Zmajevac ready for reconstruction

Irig_docsRegional Development Agency Srem, in accordance with the plan of activities, is continuing the realization of the project “Cycling Tourism toward Rural and Regional Development Srem”, financed by Swiss Agency for cooperation (SDC).  The focus is on Srem and Sava cycling routes with the network of alternative sections, which constitute a unique tourist product in the region. [Read more...]

RDA Srem and the Swiss Donor are equipping chidren’s playground in Ogar

ogar_02In the scope of the Project “Bicycle tourism towards rural and regional development of Srem” financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) which is implemented by RDA Srem together with its partners, the activity of setting up children’s playground in Ogar, municipality of Pecinci was realized. Value of investment is 3.270,00 CHF. [Read more...]

Strengthening capacities of IMWG for tourism for empowering local participants in tourism

7_morgWithin SDC project “Bicycle tourism toward rural and regional development Srem”, which is realized by RDA Srem with its partners, the fourth meeting of IMWG for tourism has been organized, followed by VII training intended for members of IMWG for tourism, in order to find measures for strengthening local producers / service providers in tourism on the territory of Srem and placement of domestic products on the domestic tourist market. [Read more...]

Spatial plan as a pre-condition for the preparation of infrastructure projects

ppppn_sm2018A public presentation of spatial plans which are of great importance for the regional development of Srem has been given in the City Hall of Sremska Mitrovica. These spatial plans refer to infrastructure systems of irrigation, water supply and waste water treatment. The organizer of the presentation was Regional Development Agency “Srem”. [Read more...]

Cross-border cooperation – palliative care

TakeCare_OBSM_martIn the General hospital of Sremska Mitrovica, promotion of the Project “Take care” – Developing and improving health and social services for the vulnerable social groups was held in the scope of the Interreg IPA cross-border programme Croatia-Serbia 2014.2020. [Read more...]

Final conference of the project ERNOW

ERNOW_završnaAt the Final conference of the project whose initiator was RDA SREM who also provided technical support and actively participated in its implementation, resulst of the project as well a short movie about the project were presented to the public. [Read more...]

RDA Srem organizes IPARD training for the private sector

SDC_Obuka_02_IPARDIn the scope of the project “Bicycle tourism towards rural and reginal development of Srem” financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, RDA Srem has organized III training on the topic of the IPARD 2 programme 2014-2020. The training was aimed at the representatives of registered agricultural households, micro and small entreprises in the sector of tourism in the region of Srem. The same as in previous training, the lectures were professors Jonel Subic and Vlado Kovacevic from the Institute of Agricultural Economics, Belgrade. [Read more...]